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In this course you will learn the core steps to increase your chances of success !

Step 1 : Selecting A Product .
Step 2 : Learn How To Be Unique .
Step 3 : Creating your own site .
Step 4 : Getting people to see your site .
Step 5 : Building your own list of people to talk to .
Step 6 : Be strategic .

​Nicolas Vanhoucke

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Step 1 : Selecting your product .

There is a lot to be said about the kind of product you want to promote . If you have your own product that will obviously be  something you believe in.
If you are promoting someone elses product that should be the same belief system . You have to own it to know what it does for your customers !
Don't sell products that you are not comfortable with ! Remember internet is a great jungle with a lot of predators in it .
You can ask Google, they don't let anybody advertise on their platform, they are protecting the user from false statements .

Step 2 : Learn how to be unique .

Set yourself apart from the crowd , be unique , create your own world to talk to. Creating your own site with your own domain .
That gives credibility and will set you apart  !  A  must for every  serious marketer who is looking to take his business to a higher level .
This will take a lot of willpower from you because this is powerfull and your mind must be strong to accomplish this !

Step 3 : Creating your own site.

That is something you can not do wihtout, you will learn to make sites like this that are build strategically because it just plain works !
You will learn the benefits of creating your own site on your own domain ! Extremely powerfull !

Step 4 : Getting people to see your site .

Before you start sending people to your site it is very important to set up your sales funnel , mutliple site pages that lead people to the desired result .
Connecting your autoresponder with your site , don't worry these are all things you will learn in this course and much more !
Traffic is such a broad subject ! There are so many ways to genreate traffic ! The one better than the other .
This is where you will have to find out what suites you best, once you have found that out , then go dig deeper and become a master in that area .
All will be clear once you engage this course !

Step 5 : Building your own list  of people to talk to .

You may have heard this before , but I will repeat that for you ;
"The money is in the list."
Setting everything up so you can build your list , I have mentioned this in step 4 just a little bit ! 
Connecting your autoresponder to your site , so that people who leave their name and email go into a list that you can talk to .
Very important , this is a  million dollar tip ! This is how you create your own world of people to talk to !

Step 6 : Be strategic .

Everything you do must be done with great care . In this course you will learn the benefits of planning ahead ! This is very important to maximize
your efforts and results ! Planning ahead is a must for any business , I mean when building a house you don't start with the roof , right ?
You start with the foundations , the stronger these are the stronger your business will be .
That is why this course is created, so that you  would know what to do and when to do it ! Building step by step by step .